Darkside-People: The Queen of Castle Market

Hey there,
Thank you for agreeing on an interview with me.
You’re the admin of a new upcoming market called Castle. What makes you think you have any chance right now?
There are so many markets that the competition is tight.

The reason why I will be successful is simple: I am a professional. The problems they face do not threaten me. Everyone else is at risk of screwing up because they are not qualified in basic things. They are often good programmers, but in the network they are absolutely incompetent.
Networking administration is a complicated subject in itself.
My market guarantees 100% UP-TIME for the simple reason that I handle hosting personally. This includes the hardware. Therefore I can simply scale my gear up when I get threatened by puny DDOS. Additionally, I have rewritten TOR to address single-threading issues. I have a lot of solutions in dealing with DDOS attacks.
The hosting typology is based on sandboxes, processes deployed via tor, and user rights settings on the server. This means that when a web server is captured or hacked, an attacker cannot perform any actions with the server files, except for viewing them.
I have my Nodes and my Gates. I’m not in danger of LE, so I’m not afraid to run a long business.

Q: The fact that mr_white created your sub is pretty much a voucher for your integrity. I think that will get a bunch of people’s attention. Are you going to collaborate publicly more?

A: Previously I helped with the protection for WHM, so he created my subdread. I was looking for errors in the work of Mr_White and Dread. And so I attacked WHM, and it recorded logs, and then modified its DDOS protecion. We may collaborate more in the future, but first I need to build a good and long-lived market that is worthy of attention. Then we may stand together in solidarity.

Q: What are your plans to get vendors on your market?

My strategy is very adequate and banal, there is traffic and there are vendors. All this is the golden rule, and it is already followed by functionality and the like.
Here you can insert a few statements about how I feel about licking the ass of vendors. This is the most humiliating for both vendors and market owners. It shows a lack of understanding of the very base on which the market business is built. Everyone who does this is not pleasant to me and I will not have anything to do with them. For me these are potential degraders and such an attitude to vendors is absolute obscenity.
Feel the space guys, stop behaving like idiots. If you see the owner of a market who uses social engineering and exploits to gain attention, be alert. This is some potential exit scammer. We are all potentially exit scammers but this is an actual ignoramus. If you rely on an under-educated person, this can have really bad consequences for you.
Acting like a good person requires a good understanding of philosophy, so that’s something you need to look out for in a person.

Do vendors like to be treated like pop stars and then just cheated? If my colleagues in the market business behaved with dignity, then there would be no preconceived opinions about us. We’re supposed to be proud, not flatterers. You pay money to let salespeople make money, it’s all business.
We are looking for partners who are interested in serious long-term business relationships. We provide quality software with a great uptime and that will speak for itself.
I am a principled person in this matter, if the seller behaves inappropriately and disrespectfully, then he is blocked forever.

Q: Sounds like White House is your role model, yet you run things differently. You accept Bitcoins.

A: Yes, because I just run a dark business. My primarily goal is not to make some philosophical differences but to earn MONEY. I give what the vendors need and stand proudly by my service. People will see that I run a tight ship and trust me with their business
The way you encrypt something and what kind of cryptocurrency you use is not exactly something that makes you secure, and so on, to be honest. All this is formal security.
As an expert, I know 2 rules for safe handling of cryptocurrency so that you do not get caught. They are the same for everyone.
First, you need to clean your dirty cryptos. Then you cash them out through your connections. It is simple. Do not rely on technology to do anything for you. Compartmentalize everything manually and even if the cryptography fails, you will still be secure.

Q: The Darknet is wild. Are you ready?

A: I say directly, when someone challenges me and my market with violence, I will not play around. They can goodbye to their market.
There is a lot of hypocrisy out there. Some admins stab others in the back while supporting them openly to create confusion.
That is disgusting and I will not be part of it. If you attack me, at least have the balls to make it public so we can entertain the community as we fight to the death in the arena.
The darknet must change. There must be people who are strong mentally and spiritually.

I am Pygmalion, a small psychedelics vendor.

You may reach me via email at pygmalion@infantile.us.
Please register your own E-Mail address for darknet purposes at http://oq7t5ihk4qew5t5s4zghicigokh2ktt575amirsbnilmyawpme6xmyyd.onion