Contract Killer

The Dresden public prosecutor’s office has charged a woman with attempted incitement to murder. As the authority announced on Monday, the 41-year-old allegedly tried to hire a contract killer via a website on the darknet.

According to the report, the darknet site in question specifically offers the targeted killing of people in exchange for payment. The 23-year-old new girlfriend of the separated husband was to be killed within two weeks after payment of an agreed sum. According to the investigations, the so far unknown operators of the darknet site confirmed the order of the 41-year-old.

At the end of February, the accused, who lives in Dresden, paid the operators 0.2 Bitcoin and also gave them specific information about the 23-year-old victim so that he could be identified for sure. The agreed bitcoin sum currently corresponds to around 6,000 euros.

The prosecution assumes that the 41-year-old acted out of jealousy, envy and anger towards her new partner. Their plans failed. It had not come so far to the ordered killing. The accused was provisionally arrested on February 26 and is in custody. She has no previous convictions. The Dresden Regional Court will now decide whether to open the main proceedings and admit the charges.

The question remains, who betrayed the plans? We seriously assume that the “contract killer” himself either in the context of his own arrest or out of a guilty conscience gave the prosecutor the tip.

For everyone who is planning something similar, one thing should be noted:

“There are no contract killers on the Darknet, there are only con artists who have never killed anyone in their lives and will never kill anyone.”
If life with your partner becomes hell, get a divorce, it’s cheaper and less embarrassing in the end.

The Editor in Chief