Dread gets DDOSed again

The last days on dread were again marked by recurring DDOS attacks, but Admin Paris showed himself combative and in several stages the defense was raised.

You might have noticed that dread has been unstable today. That is because of massive introduction cell attacks against our front servers spinning up literally thousands of circuits.

nothing less then Balls of Steel

We are working on it right now. Getting more front servers outside the cluster to handle the extra load.

To the DDOSER, what in the world are you thinking? We will keep scaling up and it will get to a point where we will take down the Tor network. If that is really what you want, we play for keeps.

Edit: If your connection is slow. Get a new Tor identity and reload the site. As more and more of our fronts are getting online and added the connections should be faster and more stable as time goes on. If you are making a post save it before submitting as the front you are connecting through might not be as stable as when you first got on it. If it disconnects just new identity and try again.

Edit of the edit: Suck me fucking dick DDOSING asshole. I’ve rolled out the big boys. 5GHz per core. Available scalability of 500+ servers. Full automation. I’m here sipping on a red bull watching all your circuits get killed. Do it in waves so I can see how the scaling script will respond spawning up those new servers.

Last edit (probably): So the attack is gone now. It seems they found out it’s not as easy to attack us and to take us down. You might find a bit of slowness here and there (some fronts have added latency being located outside the dread cluster) but we should be stable. Thanks for all the support. It’s really appreciated.

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