Dealer with sources at the Darknet.

With subsequent commentary.

Aachen/Germany -Wels/Austria:
During extensive investigations, criminal police officers succeeded in tracking down a 43-year-old man from Wels. He is accused of ordering large quantities of narcotics via the Darknet and importing them into Austria, and he did not confess during questioning. The officials seized three shipments. They contained almost 50 grams of methamphetamine, about 300 grams of cocaine and about 550 grams of heroin. During the house search ordered by the public prosecutor’s office in Wels, the investigators also found a shotgun and various ammunition on the 43-year-old, who is banned from carrying weapons, as well as another 25 grams of cocaine and 100 grams of heroin, as well as various extenders and utensils for manufacturing the end products. They also seized IT evidence. During the evaluation, it turned out that the man’s three crypto wallets had a total volume in the six-figure euro range since the beginning of 2020. Since that time, he had been sent 26 more parcels of the same value. The sender is likely to be a darknet seller from the Netherlands. The Aachen police headquarters (Germany) is investigating the seller. The 43-year-old was arrested at the request of the Wels public prosecutor’s office and taken to the Wels correctional facility, police said.


As we can see here, the authorities are taking their time to track down suspects and make the evidence so overwhelming that even denial is useless.
From where you can read that in this message ?

  1. 26 shipments that are proven by means of… Yes, this is the question that many ask, but the answer is simple. On the basis of the stored data of the German post office. As a service provider, Deutsche Post is required by the German Civil Code to keep records of business transactions for 10 years. Every delivery by registered mail and/or which includes an legitimation of the recipient is such a transaction. It is true that data is constantly anonymized according to the GDPR when it comes to private individuals, but if there is a regular delivery between 2 points that always happens in the same frame and in a series of 28 the accused can be proven 2 deliveries, it is already reason enough for the prosecution to put all deliveries in this pattern.
  2. the accused uses the same wallet all the time, adding up the sums is easy and facilitates the prosecution’s argumentation regarding the series of acts. If the transactions are also close in time to the mailings, it becomes dark for the defendant.
  3. it was possible to seize IT evidence. this would not be mentioned if this evidence contained unreadable data (as you can see, among other things, the wallet of the accused) that support the accusations.
    We can therefore assume that the dealer has neither encrypted his hard drives nor sufficiently secured his wallets.

Stupid is the one who does stupid things, and who thinks to simply order in the darknet and become a rich dealer is easy, it should be said that the mattresses in prison are hard and uncomfortable and stupidity does not protect from punishment.

John Fante
Editor in Chief