Smugglers operated out of drug treatment center

As potential masterminds of the smuggling of narcotics were identified two
drug treatment and a drug trafficker serving his prison sentence in a
in a prison in Lower Franconia.
They are suspected of having smuggled, from September 2020 to the end of March 2021, in the
the Netherlands with narcotics such as amphetamine and ecstasy.
Ecstasy in the Netherlands.

Sichergestellte Ecstasy Pills

The drugs were delivered to packing stations in.
Aschaffenburg, Lohr am Main, Donauwörth and Augsburg. For
disguise their identity, they used the manipulated customer account of an
account of an uninvolved person, in order to use it at the
to pick up the parcels with the drugs at the packing stations. Due to their own
absence, at least five henchmen worked for the smuggler.
were working for the trio of smugglers, who were responsible for the collection
Further distribution and collecting the purchase prices were active. The proceeds
the proceeds into the accounts of the three people behind the smugglers, who again
drugs, presumably on the Darknet. This they accomplished
with smartphones previously smuggled into the institutions.

After in September 2020 with a post office acceptance place in Gronau a
a large letter containing a kilogram of amphetamine was discovered and seized.
Nuremberg customs investigators took over the investigation of the letter addressed to
Lohr am Main. With
11 further shipments of drugs were subsequently intercepted, which were
deliveries of drugs were intercepted that could be attributed to the trio of smugglers.
to the trio of smugglers. In addition, it was possible to intercept two of the suspected
were arrested when they were picked up at the packing stations in Aschaffenburg and Donauwörth.

Sichergestelltes Amphetamin. Foto: Zoll

In total, the customs investigators seized more than 5.5 kilograms of amphetamine, 240 grams of
grams of ecstasy and nearly 550 grams of hashish, as well as small amounts of heroin.

The two accused, who are undergoing drug treatment in a district hospital, were
Defendants were searched after the accommodations there on the
30.03.21 separately from each other in different
Prison transferred. The defendant serving his
prison sentence was transferred to another prison after his cell was searched.
search of his cell was transferred to another location.
The investigations by the Würzburg public prosecutor’s office and the
Munich Customs Investigation Office, based in Nuremberg, are continuing.

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