Vendor-team arrested in Cologne

Investigators in Cologne have succeeded in breaking up a dealer ring that is said to have sold drugs in darkness on a large scale. The six German citizens aged between 25 and 56 are suspected, among other things, of having sold around 280 kilograms of amphetamine, 1.3 kilograms of the “party drug” MDMA and more than 11,000 ecstasy tablets on various platforms in Darknet since April 2018. In addition, the gang is said to have sold more than 100 kilograms of marijuana and 29 kilograms of hashish through other distribution channels.

More than 60 policemen, SEK forces, public prosecutors and tax investigators were involved in the large-scale raid on Tuesday. Ten apartments and commercial premises in Cologne and in the Rhine-Erft district were searched. In one object, the investigators found a narcotics laboratory where ecstasy tablets were pressed. In addition, raw materials for drug production and more than one million euros in cash were seized. Four of the accused were arrested.

Which vendor is involved was not disclosed.

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