Customs finds drug lab in Hamburg

Mega find in Harburg: Customs investigators cleared out a hidden laboratory with kilos of drugs on Tuesday – presumably amphetamine was produced there and sold on the Darknet.

As Customs announced on Friday, two suspected drug dealers were arrested on Tuesday morning. They are suspected of having sold drugs on the darknet together with another man. The talk is of cocaine, amphetamine, hashish and marijuana, as well as ecstasy tablets.

After the arrest, three apartments and a store in Hamburg were searched, as well as a building in Lower Saxony. 74 task forces were deployed. In Harburg, the customs officers finally made a find: In a so-called “underground laboratory” they seized 1.5 kilograms of amphetamine, two kilograms of hashish and about two kilograms of marijuana. Chemicals for the production were also secured. “Underground lab” is the police term for an illegally run laboratory.

“Customs has shed light on illegal darknet business. After extensive investigations, the customs investigation has broken up the distribution structures of the suspected narcotics trafficking group,” said Stephan Meyns, press spokesman for the Hamburg Customs Investigation Office.

A wide variety of items were seized from the suspects, including a car, a motorcycle, small amounts of cash and jewelry. The Hamburg public prosecutor’s office also seized the accounts. Further investigations are still ongoing.

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