A catch that will shake the darknet.

After eight months of undercover investigations by the narcotics squad of the Offenburg police headquarters and the Baden-Baden public prosecutor’s office, several people were arrested and large quantities of narcotics were seized on March 11, 2021.

During initiative investigations by a cybercrime investigation unit of the Lower Saxony police against operators of a so-called marketplace in the Darknet, the investigators came across a person who was selling narcotics under several pseudonyms in the hidden part of the Internet. After it became clear that this person was conducting his business in the district of Rastatt, the public prosecutor’s office in Baden-Baden took over the investigation, which was subsequently continued and expanded by officers of the narcotics department of the Offenburg police headquarters. Extensive undercover investigations, which also involved special police forces, succeeded in clarifying the scope of the crime, intercepting numerous shipments of narcotics sent by mail, and identifying further participants in the crime.

Just a part of the seized drugs

On March 11, 2021, investigators struck. Three people were arrested in a municipality in the northern district of Rastatt, where the escape attempt of the suspected main perpetrator was quickly stopped and a suspected accomplice was initially able to flee, but was arrested a few hours later due to the initiated manhunt measures. A total of approximately 30 kilograms of high-quality marijuana, 1.7 kilograms of opium, 124 grams of cocaine as well as MDMA, several kilograms of extender, vast amounts of packaging and shipping materials, vacuums, computers and cell phones, precision scales and written records of narcotics transactions were seized in the narcotics stash in a living room and in a basement room. The seized narcotics have a market value of at least 150,000 euros. A marijuana cultivation plant with several marijuana plants was also found and taken away by the police, as was a high-quality e-bike that the suspected main perpetrator had probably financed with the profits from the illegal business. Several vans were needed to transport away all the seized items.

At the request of the Baden-Baden public prosecutor’s office, the Baden-Baden district court issued arrest warrants for trafficking in narcotics in not insignificant quantities or aiding and abetting such trafficking against the two suspected principal offenders and a suspected accomplice, whose apartment had been used to carry out the criminal acts and who had assisted in the handling of the narcotics sales. The two presumed main offenders at the age of 26 and 29 years, which are already substantially pertinent before-criminalized, were taken into pre-trial detention, the aide at the age of 56 years, which showed up confessed, is not before-criminalized and a firm job has, was set against conditions again free foot.

The investigations – also into hundreds of drug possessors in Germany and abroad – are continuing.

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