Chemical Revolution Trial: Main defendant makes confession

Before the Giessen Regional Court, Daniel B. described his contribution to the crime and reported on his arrest. However, he does not want to have been the main culprit in the drug complex.

That something was different on this trial day in the proceedings against the alleged heads of the online drug platform Chemical Revolution was shown alone by the view of the public gallery in the Congress Hall: After a long abstinence, the fiancée of the main defendant Daniel B. sat there; the two greeted each other quietly, but soon the 28-year-old German was again engrossed in his notes. He did not take his eyes off his papers even when the Ninth Criminal Chamber entered the courtroom and all those present stood up as usual. The main defendant made a confession yesterday, Monday. Only he does not want to have been the main perpetrator of Chemical Revolution.

Daniel B. had agreed to a plea bargain with his Frankfurt lawyers Till Gutsche and Nils Dick. If he makes a substantial confession, he could face a sentence of between eight years and ten months and nine years and six months. Gang-related trafficking in narcotics in not insignificant quantities can be punished with up to 15 years’ imprisonment.

Did Confess: Daniel B. accused of being the Mastermind behind Chem-Rev.

That is exactly what the seven men, aged between 25 and 44, are accused of. The drugs were transported from the Netherlands to Germany via couriers and deposited there in vacation homes like the one in Ortenberg. The customers of the internet and darknet-based store received the drugs by mail. The men allegedly obtained one million euros in bitcoin between 2017 and 2019.

For his client, Gutsche read out the admission: In it, Daniel B. admitted the charges against him. However, the co-defendant Arkadiusz D. had first approached him with the idea of opening an online drug store. The Dutchman with Polish roots had incriminated his accomplices – including Daniel B. – in an earlier statement, in some cases heavily.

Daniel B. is said to have ordered drugs from him and was responsible for public relations, marketing, customer care, the website and contact with a programmer in England. He was also responsible for raising money. He himself had contributed 10,000 to 15,000 euros to the store. Two silent partners were also involved. He did not know their real names, only their pseudonyms: Zero-Day and Robin. Both had invested 20,000 to 35,000 euros each; Zero-Day had taken over the business at Chemical Revolution after Daniel B. had left. Daniel B. also confirmed that he had used, among other things, the pseudonym Joko, which repeatedly appeared in internal communications between the defendants.

Seized money from the defendants

The co-defendants Matthias B., Arkadiusz D. and he had made decisions together online. He described their relationship as confidential. As a reason for his participation in the crime, Daniel B. cited the opportunities to earn money: Arkadiusz D. was to receive 30 percent, Matthias B. and he 35 percent of the profits. He wanted to pay the silent partners from his share. He had also hoped to gain access to “reliably good cocaine” for his own consumption.

In the course of questioning by the three judges, Daniel B. told of his arrest. He had wanted to extend his passport because he had been thinking about a vacation in Cuba and Panama. In his Bavarian homeland, he had finally been brought to the ground in front of the local council and a sack had been pulled over his head. No one had made themselves known to him. After a 40-minute drive, he had only learned in the cell that the police had arrested him.

The proceedings are continuing.

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