Amphetamine and Mary Jane

The man had apparently felt quite safe and ordered a total of 175 grams of amphetamines and 225 grams of marijuana on the darknet to his house for eight months. According to the indictment, the Gilching man hid some of the purchased drugs in his attic without his family obviously knowing about it. But then narcotics investigators got on the IT employee’s trail and searched his apartment in September 2019. He allegedly cooperated immediately and showed the investigators the hiding place in the house. This was credited positively to the previously blameless and confessed defendant before the Starnberg Local Court. The 33-year-old was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison term. He also has to pay 2500 euros each to the addiction aid association Condrobs and to the Starnberg animal shelter.

It was obvious to the Gilching man how uncomfortable he felt sitting in the dock. He had to remember the shock when the police officers showed up at his house. The man remained taciturn during the trial and told his defense attorney that he had been “completely clean” since the house search. This was proven by hair samples and toxicological certificates, the lawyer emphasized. In addition, the defendant had acquired the drugs only for his own consumption.

The prosecutor, on the other hand, maintained that the man had acquired narcotics in considerable quantities – and amphetamines were by no means soft drugs and represented a certain potential danger. In addition, the acquisition of cannabis and stimulants had “created a demand on the darknet” here, the prosecutor said. He demanded a 13-month suspended prison sentence and stated that in his opinion the Gilching man had not been addicted. The prosecutor suspected that the defendant had rather taken drugs on certain occasions in stressful situations.

The judge pointed out that the 33-year-old had been expecting two more deliveries of the narcotics – but these had not been delivered for unknown reasons. However, the transactions had otherwise supposedly gone off without a hitch – until everything blew up and the “painful crash” began with the unmasking, the judge said.

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