Vendor Arrested

Customs investigators arrested a suspected darknet dealer in Kleve. The 38-year-old Dutchman was picked up last week on February 13, as the Frankfurt am Main customs investigation office and the central and contact point Cybercrime North Rhine-Westphalia (ZAC NRW) at the Cologne Public Prosecutor’s Office now report in a joint press release. In the man’s vehicle and in a warehouse he used in the Netherlands, the investigators allegedly seized narcotics in the kilogram range.

The arrest was preceded by “extensive investigations by the Frankfurt am Main customs investigation office, led by the ZAC NRW, in close cooperation with the Dutch judiciary,” the press release said. The 38-year-old is suspected of having offered the narcotics for sale on various sales platforms and online marketplaces on the Darknet. In a large number of cases, he offered cocaine, MDMA, amphetamine, LSD, ecstasy and heroin in various quantities and properties to other users around the world under various pseudonyms.

The Dutch gave up mail in Germany According to the law enforcement authorities in the Netherlands, he portioned and packaged the narcotics sold and made them ready for dispatch there as well. He then drove the mail to Germany to post it in various post offices or to throw it in mailboxes. The accused had previously acquired the postage and postage stamps required for franking in Germany. They were addressed to recipients in India, Australia, the USA, France, Spain and Germany, among others.

The investigators are currently assuming more than 2,300 sales cases since autumn 2017, in which substantial income of at least 139,000 euros was achieved. Two more arrests by The Hague police At the same time, the The Hague police arrested two other suspects and executed arrest warrants. The men are suspected of being involved in the large-scale drug trafficking on the Darknet.

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