Is it DDoS ?

Yesterday it happened again, the whole V3 consensus was shut down, the whole Tor network was almost non-existent. The curses against the culprits are getting harder and louder. but who are “they”? and what do they want?

Or is the whole thing not a targeted action?
I found in the blog of Matt Traudt a whole piece of truth, namely that it is not a targeted DDoS attacks on the darknet markets, because who paralyzes a complete network that helps people, creates privacy, guarantees freedom of speech and the right to information?
Do you realize it yourselves or ?

Here is an excerpt from Matt’s blog:

Someone is sending the directory authorities (and fallback dirs) lots of traffic.
This causes the dirauths to no longer be able to reliably communicate.
This means consensuses are no longer reliably produced every hour.
No new consensus three hours in a row means new connections to v3 onion services stop working because of a bug. Existing connections survive, and no other part of Tor breaks at the three hour mark.
There is an alpha release for experts who know what they are doing. It is making its way into all supported stable Tor versions.

Please keep these facts in mind:

It is unknown if the traffic hitting the dirauths is maliciously motivated. People keep calling it an attack. I don’t think we have the evidence to back that up at this time.

There is no evidence that the traffic overload is actively trying to hurt v3 onions. A similar situation existed last year and onions didn’t go down then. Claims that it is “the” government or rival drug markets are not backed up with any evidence that I’ve seen.

the whole story starting with the 12th of January you can read there too.

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