Very thin ice

very thin ice

On the invictus market place 2 arms dealers appeared at once.
What this means seems obvious. Just the fact that 90% of the arms dealers that serve the American market are federal agents who set their traps to imprison another strawhead who thinks he’s getting weapons in the darknet, and the market hasn’t been punished yet, makes it seem likely that something strange is going on in this market.

Option 1. They are federal agents and the market has not yet noticed the sale of weapons. That would be a poor show for the market, which is at the highest risk, but boasts the best security measures.

Option 2. they are not federal agents and the market tolerates the sale of arms. Then I declare the entire staff to be totally crazy. No marketplace has been able to trade weapons with impunity for more than a few weeks.
As we know after a short talk with dread admin Paris, dread is still on zero tolerance for markets that allow arms trading.
A market that loses its sub on dread can pack up, then all left sides would follow suit as soon as they hear about the weapons.

Option 3. they are federal agents and the whole thing is approved by the operators. With and unthinkable in Europe, but in the USA possible. For one thing, the law enforcement officials sometimes look the other way when it comes to the famous “national security”, the best excuse the US authorities have for breaking the law.

in all these cases the market has a security problem
Someone thinks something bad ? We’ll keep at it.

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