Market-Check: Aurora Market

Aurora greets the arriving user directly with a feeling of security.
The Endgame Captcha shows that the creators were not afraid to accept support when it comes to security.
The market itself already demands standards in the choice of the password that other markets miserably neglect.

2FA is mandatory for merchants, but it should also be for users. This fails due to the implementation ability of some users who simply do not want to use PGP or are simply too lazy to do so.
This can’t be blamed on the market, which meets all the required standards, especially for merchants.

Multisig is not yet implemented, but should be available soon according to the an option, not as the main payment method.

The freedom to decide for yourself how and what to do with your money does not stop there. Aurora is one of the few markets that give users the choice to use the recently introduced Bitcoin or Monero wallets at all.

You can also pay the bill directly from your own wallet, without depositing the money in your own market wallet.

The bill? the reader is now rightly asking. Yes, the bill. On Aurora you can put different items of a vendor in the shopping cart and then when you have everything you can check out with one payment.

Which brings us to the variety, which is higher than on other markets, where otherwise on average 14-15 items per vendor are the average, it is 21 on Aurora. The selection is therefore large.

Also the price range moves massively outside a norm, which means you get both cheap discount goods and premium products in the upper price range.
So far, we have only been able to observe this to this extent on the very large markets. This has not yet been the case on a market like Aurora, which has only been in existence for just under 3 months.

The service is in our eyes exemplary for a young market, no request took longer than 24 hours until it was answered, and also many dealers seem to work there, unlike usual even on weekends and be there for their customers.
Weekend rest is also less common on Aurora than elsewhere.

In conclusion, the whole thing can be summarized very crisply.

Aurora does a lot of things right from the start. There are people at work here who know where the journey should go, who don’t reach their destination by trial and error, but rather have a timetable that they stick to.

Standard means of payment here besides Bitcoin also the Monero,
it is no longer possible without it.

Due to all this and also following the circumstance how young the market is, we have been very careful in the evaluation not to grade too exuberantly and still remain fair.

When speaking of rules, these are formulated briefly and yet precisely

Digital orders auto-finalize after 72 hours and physical orders auto-finalize after 7 days. with the possibility to extend with 14 days.

Scamming & selective-scamming is a serious offence at our market.If you get too many scam reports we may ban your vendor account at any time. This rule is non-negotiable.

Vendor Fee (non-refundable) is in 400 USD This is one time payment and non-refundable. If you are an established vendor you can open a support ticket and ask to have the bond waived.

Selling of fentanyl and similar substances are strictly prohibited at the market. Anyone found violating the terms will receive an immediate ban.

Any dox threat or blackmailing of your client will result in an immediate ban. It also includes doxxing yourself.

Asking people to contact outside the market through chat and / or e-mail (wickr, jabber or whatsapp) will result in an immediate ban. This also includes advertising your vendor shops.

Every vendor will be given private mirrors, sharing the private mirrors with anyone is a banable offence at the market.

Asking users to Finalize Early when you don’t have FE rights enabled, will result in immediate ban. This is a non-negotiable rule.

Contract killing, harmful or violent products or services. Weapons which discharge high velocity rounds, mame human beings or animals in any way shape or form, explosives, precursors or any chemical used to produce explosives/devices, child/animal/violent pornography are strictly prohibited.

Aurora Market reserves the right to ban your account at any time if you break any of the above rules.

All this leads us to the overall rating which is again always composed of the individual aspects





Overall ranking:

above average


Who does not want to stand in line on the big markets and wait until his order is finally shipped, which finds on Aurora quite the vendor he is looking for, with good service and a correspondingly very rich offer in all qualities..

For us 4+ stars that we gladly award.

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