Goodbye Clearnet

Times change, and so do some laws. As we all protect our authors as best we can and cannot under any circumstances be responsible for compromising the integrity of our reporting, Darknet-Inside puts the clearnet presence on hold as of today.
There have been several attempts to accuse one of our writers of buying drugs on the darknet, to the point that poorly disguised drugs have been sent to him from abroad with the intention that they will be discovered and he will be brought to justice.

That our author should be muzzled by this, there is no doubt for us. He was NOT convicted in the first trial for importation, the evidence was definitely too thin.
The court of appeal saw it exactly the same way and therefore stopped the proceedings.

Now, not too long ago, there were new accusations, again baseless, this time even without the drugs were found. The author himself is still struggling with the justice system, so we won’t go into details here.

Only so much:

“Darknet-Inside does not allow blackmail and false accusations to influence our reporting in any way, the independence and objectivity of the press must be guaranteed, even if there is apparently no protection for journalists in the German police and prosecutor’s office, which is now also doubted in the German Press Council, although it is guaranteed by law. Because it was already not even mentioned in the first procedure why it is to be influenced, the court ignored it simply away.

By the no longer guaranteed security of our employees we have decided that we will publish until further notice in the Clearnet nothing more, Darknet Inside there is from today with new articles only in the Darknet, the Clearnet Mirror is no longer equipped with news.”

John Fante,
Editor in Chief, Darknet-Inside