FakeID Dobby – start of trial

Because they have traded with fake documents, under the vendor pseudonym ” FakeID Dobby”, two young men are made since Thursday at the Magdeburg Regional Court the trial. The men, who are now 24 and 25 years old, are said to have operated a store on the darknet from November 2017 to January 2021 and sold fake prescriptions and identity documents through it. ( Darknet-Inside reported about the arrest) With these, in turn, it was possible to subsequently shop and commit fraud on the Internet. In addition, forged and stolen prescription pads were circulated, which could be used to obtain prescription drugs from pharmacies without any problems.

The accusation of the public prosecutor’s office is commercial document forgery. The two defendants allegedly operated their business in a so-called business park in Magdeburg. In addition to temporary German identity cards, documents from Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary were also produced there.
Defendants in custody pending trial

The two are said to have committed 353 individual acts and thus scammed almost 40,000 euros. The two counterfeiters were finally tracked down by cybercops from the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (Z.I.T.).

Since their arrest, the defendants have been held in pre-trial detention. If the accusations are confirmed, the two face a prison sentence of several years. Since the defendants have not yet made a confession, the trial is expected to drag on. Darknet-Inside stays tuned.