Xanax from the darknet

In Ansbach near Nuremberg, two young men have been arrested for allegedly dealing in illegal drugs that they had previously ordered from the so-called darknet – a hidden part of the Internet.

As the police headquarters of Central Franconia announced on Wednesday, officials of the Criminal Investigation Department had apparently had the duo in their sights for some time. The two 21-year-old suspects are said to have ordered “various drugs” in the darknet for more than a year and sold them to different buyers, such as consumers.

The two young men had ordered a lot of one drug in particular: Tablets of the brand “Xanax”. According to the police, this is a tranquilizer “from the benzodiazepine range”. If the tablets contain more than one milligram of the active ingredient, they are illegal. The tablets ordered by the young men, however, would have had a dose six to eight times higher. The duo had also ordered amphetamines and sold them on to consumers, according to a police spokesman. if the Bars where real Xanax or Analogues could not be said at this time.

By “intensive investigations” the police had come on the track of the two men. They have since been arrested and are in custody on suspicion of illegal trafficking in narcotics. In addition, evidence had been seized.