Darknet Purchase leads Police on the Dealers Trail

Investigators have intercepted an order from Darknet and thus uncovered a suspected drug dealer in Augsburg. The 29-year-old is now in custody.
With the help of an intercepted package, drug investigators of the Augsburg criminal police arrested a suspected drug dealer as early as mid-October, and he has been in custody ever since. As the police only now announced, the 29-year-old man had ordered amphetamine at a marketplace in Darknet and had it delivered.

Amphetamine and Ecstasy-Pills from a different case

The investigators seized the package with two kilograms of amphetamine before it was delivered to the suspect. The police arrested the man in his apartment, where they found more than 100 ecstasy tablets, about 35 grams of marijuana, 86 LSD trips and cash. According to the police, the seized narcotics have a street value of about 20,000 euros.
The 29-year-old was brought before the investigating judge at Augsburg District Court, who issued the warrant requested by the Augsburg public prosecutor’s office on the urgent suspicion of illegal trade in narcotics. The man has since been held in custody in a prison.

Source: BR 24

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