Silkroad Funds moved

The name is well known, Silkroad.
Ross Ulbricht, its inventor, better known as Dread Pirate Roberts long ago a myth and a legend. Silkroad was the origin of what is now known as the Darknet markets. Silkroad was so massively involved in the rise of Bitcoin that the price of Bitcoin jumped from 10 to over 200 dollars in early 2012 simply by trading on Silkroad. But this legend cannot live on its success, because its judgment was devastating. 2 times life sentence, plus 40 years. Impossible to be a free man again without pardon and no chance for parole.

Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts

Silkroad is said to have collected over 80 million dollars in sales commissions – 15 million to Ulbricht himself alone. 3 million of his funds have been confiscated, but there are still funds attributed to Ulbricht or one of his business partners that lie on well-known Bitcoin Wallets and on which many greedy eyes and also the eye of the law constantly rest.

On 3 November moved more than 69,370 Bitcoin (daily value today full 872,258.38 euro of a Wallet those the Silkroad market place is assigned suddenly into a new Wallet – – for the first time since April 2015 by the following two transactions:



BTC address 1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGG8Hbhx transferred its entire balance via 2 separate transactions to address bc1qa5wkgaew2dkv56kfvj49j0av5nml45x9ek9hz6. 1 BTC was sent in the first transaction, while the remaining 69,369+ BTC were sent shortly thereafter. The first transaction was most likely sent as a test transaction to ensure that the BTC was not inadvertently sent to the wrong address. This action typically occurs when large amounts of crypto currencies are moved to new addresses.

Die Mutter der Darknet-Märkte,
Silkroad setzte mehr als 1.2 Milliarden Dollar um in 2 Jahren seines Bestehens

It seems that this transaction was most likely performed to switch between address formats. The previous address is a legacy/P2PKH address, while the new address is a Bech32/P2WPKH address. Legacy addresses – the original Bitcoin address format – start with a 1, while Bech32 addresses – the native segwit address format – start with bc1q. Bech32 addresses are more efficient with block space, allowing BTC blocks to hold more transactions. In addition, Bech32 addresses consist of numbers and only lower case letters, so there is less room for error than with previous address formats. About 5% of BTCs are currently held in Bech32 addresses.

Since 1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGGG8Hbhx owned the BTC before the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV Hardforks (among others), the address owner would also have access to the coins associated with the Hardforks. Obviously, at about the same time, the entire BCH at this address was

TX 8e0d6a7f4a2fb523972febdb47845585aa94dbf3252b4432e9fad8d0b5037ac1

to qqrkjml7h3ymnc7ydd9m5r9s9hnqectmluwpxezd9a. In addition, the entire BSV (Bitcoin-Satoshi’s vision) was moved via TX 5ff9c81c00bca688cc5c8713f3e38fd1fd1f2a0a85a86de96f4afd096fdc1583fbc to 1F884r9J2WKbu8wekebqqRcu1Bw1jiRXba. The two addresses to which the BCH and BSV were sent had no transactions until today.

Although it is very likely that these transactions were made to keep up with the Bitcoin network, there is also some speculation that the wallet may have been cracked by hackers. These movements could possibly mean that the wallet owner is moving funds to new addresses to deny hackers access to the wallet.dat file, or that hackers have already cracked the file.

CipherTrace monitors the addresses for further movement.
Currently we ask ourselves, how does anyone want to get money that is under surveillance like this Bitcoins ?

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Free Ross Ulbricht

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