Marijuana and pharmaceuticals seized in Bad Kissingen – CID investigates

Bad Kissingen – The notification about a suspicious package in a distribution center in the Würzburg area had been received by the police on Friday morning. This is reported by the officials in a statement. During the inspection, the urgent suspicion arose that the contents of the package were narcotics. When it was opened after a judicial seizure order had been issued, it revealed around 320 grams of marijuana and two bottles, each containing 250 ml of codeine juice, which had presumably been ordered by the addressee on the Darknet.

The package was addressed to a 24-year-old man from Bad Kissingen. A search warrant was obtained for his apartment, which was executed on Friday. Extensive evidence was seized in the process. “According to the current state of investigation, there is the suspicion that the 24-year-old traffics extensively in narcotics,” the statement said. The investigations against him, which are still ongoing, are being conducted by the Schweinfurt criminal investigation department in close coordination with the Schweinfurt public prosecutor’s office. The investigation against the addressee is also being conducted by the Schweinfurt Criminal Investigation Department.

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