Warning about possible phishing – Deep Sea Market reappeared.

As he disappeared, he is suddenly back, the Deep-Sea Market is suddenly online again. But not a word from an administrator, no explanation, nothing. The market is simply there…

Possibility 1: Everything in order – Unlikely

This can mean three things. First, it is quite possible that the market was offline due to technical problems, but then at least the forum moderators would know about it, they didn’t know. The former mod Atlantic made it clear that no contact was made to him. So no conversation with an admin took place. This leads us to the possibilities 2 and 3

Option 2: Phishing – quite possible or probable

A scrape of a market is enough to build it deceptively real and then the new deposits of the users simply to cash directly. Not every user is on the forums, so it came at that time the 6 months after the exit scam there were still users who have deposited on the Nightmaremarket because they simply did not know that the market is dead, or only an empty shell without a seller, they too lost their money. So better wait and see and fingers from the DS-Market.

Option 3: Honeypot – Most likely.

The market disappeared without an announcement and suddenly, this could mean that the same pattern was repeated by the authorities in the style of Alphabay and Hansa. But it is only a market… NO
Empire was the equivalent of Alphabay, and if Empire was also taken off the market or confiscated and it was made to look like an exit-scam, and markets like Icarus and Deepsea served as a kind of honeypot, which is neither proven nor disproved, then heads will roll, and a lot of them, because two honeypots mean double the yield and enormous investigative success of the law enforcement agencies.
We haven’t looked any further than the log-in screen, because a leaderless marketplace doesn’t mean anything good.
Also in this case, wait and see if the admins will reveal themselves or not.

the thing becomes exciting, so much is certain.

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