Controlled delivery in Germany ?

On the trail of a newspaper article and the truths. The following article appeared in the online edition of the OVB, a regional paper group which belongs to the Ippen publishing group and which let us investigate a little surprised. Here you see how you should not report from the Darknet if you have no idea.

That the “Darknet”, in which everyone can supposedly buy things online without being noticed, is by no means a protection against the discovery of a crime, a trained confectioner had to realize in June 2020. The man from the Altlandkreis Wasserburg had ordered heroin and cocaine. Instead of the letter carrier, the criminal investigation department came.

From Theo Auer

An alleged parcel carrier had handed the 28-year-old the package ordered online with 40 grams of heroin and five grams of purest cocaine. However, the alleged parcel carrier immediately identified himself as a detective, who arrested the defendant for drug possession and searched the apartment for further drugs together with his colleagues.

The contents of the delivery had been removed and exchanged for neutral material before the operation.

Heroin, who invented it? The Germans. The pharmacist Felix Hoffmann discovered heroin for Bayer, who had it protected as a brand name in 1898.

Here we stop the reportage Kurz to question.
Which drugs did the accused have in his hands at that time that would justify an immediate arrest and search of his apartment? First of all the facts that speak against this story.

A letter carrier exercises an office, in which it concerns among other things to keep the legally assured secrecy of letter. If someone unjustified way as a letter carrier pretends he commits loudly
§ 132 StGB is a criminal offence, namely that of assuming office. This can be punished with up to 2 years imprisonment. Also a policeman may not do this. The official would have made himself punishable with it what I do not believe.
If a drug shipment in this size is intercepted, then no disguised policeman comes, then those 5-8 come without disguise but with a search warrant. 40 grams of heroin is no mere cardboard stick.
It is not possible according to German law to press a package without drugs into the hand of someone in order to bring him to trial, we are not in America and the attempt to animate someone to take drugs from the hand of someone else is an incitement to commit a crime and would also be a crime for the police officer.
How did the authorities get knowledge of the contents of the package?
If it had come from abroad, there would be a word from customs, but it does not. So it came from inland? Either it was found at the vendor who was arrested before it was shipped, or it was damaged and the contents were discovered. Not a word is said about where the drugs came from. Bad research or?
In the end it becomes clearer that the shipments must have come from abroad, because we are told that there were 3 shipments in total
Let’s read on first:

Defendant confessed fully
In the hearing before the Rosenheim district court, the 38-year-old confessed extensively, but claimed to have acquired the drugs only for his own use. The officials of the Drugs Department at the Rosenheim Inspection confirmed that in fact no evidence of drug trafficking had been found.

The defendant reported that he had been addicted to sugar as a child. Therefore, it was obvious that he wanted to become a confectioner. However, because of his manageable income, the defendant had also looked for other sources of income. Again and again he took up further training, and because of the dependence on cocaine and heroin that had developed in the meantime, he repeatedly broke off all attempts.
In addition to substitution with methadone, however, he had repeatedly resorted to hard drugs, the defendant described.

No previous convictions

The fact that the defendant had no previous convictions was astonishing. The forensic psychiatric expert Dr. Josef Eberl was also astonished that during the substitution treatment no checks were made to see whether the accused was also using other drugs. In fact, however, a genuine will to treat was evident in the test person. After all, he had already applied for therapy on his own initiative. No long-term withdrawal therapy had ever been carried out with the defendant. In the opinion of the expert, this is urgently recommended. He did not want to specify whether a therapy must be completed in a closed disciplinary system.

Here we hook in again. There have not yet been any therapy attempts but he is already on methadone. Yes, God with you, Land of Bavaria, we don’t have to treat him anymore, we just substitute all opiate addicts and let them continue working without even trying to make the addict live addiction-free through therapy…

No drug dealing to be proven

In her closing speech, the representative of the public prosecutor’s office confirmed that the accused could not be proven to have been involved in any trafficking with the drugs. Therefore, the illegal possession remained. But because it was not the defendant’s fault that the drugs had not reached him at all in two cases of previous orders, she did not want to grant him the mitigating circumstance of an attempt. Since it was a considerable amount of hard drugs, she requested that he be sentenced to two years and ten months in prison. For this purpose, the court should order him to undergo therapy in a closed prison.

Source: OVB

This is the last time we’ll be hooked. 2 orders have already been intercepted and NOTHING has happened ? Was the way too far for the officers ?
We know cases where after 1 gram of heroin and 2 grams of cocaine the search squadron has already turned whole apartments upside down. The whole story stinks, ladies and gentlemen, from where the fish also begins to stink, from the head. We are convinced that the lead story of this article, namely the letter carrier dressed as a policeman, should and will cause unrest.

P. Fuscher
freelance journalist

Coming soon to Darknet-Inside:
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why most common drugs all started as drugs in Europe


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