Child abuse!!! Teacher contacted children via online video games

In an abuse trial at the Bonn Regional Court, the accused 30-year-old teacher made a confession. The pedagogue, who is accused of 104 cases of sexual abuse of children, admitted at the beginning of the trial that he had contacted underage pupils via online video games.

Later, he asked them to switch to private WhatsApp chat, take pornographic nude photos of themselves and send them to him.

The four pupils were 9, 12 and 13 years old at the time of the crime. The accused gave “pure curiosity” as the reason. He had never wanted to put anyone under pressure, as he saw it at the time.

Today he knows “that it was wrong”. The accused also admitted to having had sexual contact with a ten-year-old boy in 2014 while working as a supervisor at a holiday camp and to having met with the boy regularly for three and a half years afterwards. The parents refused to pay the boy compensation for pain and suffering, which the accused had offered.

The teacher was discovered by the mother of one of the boys, who lives in Leipzig: she had caught her son chatting with a mobile phone, confronted him and reported the case. During a subsequent search of the accused’s house, the investigators in Bonn more than found what they were looking for.

The teacher was dismissed from the school service after the allegations became known. There are no known cases of assault at the grammar school. A verdict is expected at the end of August.