Judge sentenced for posession of child pornography

For many years, a judge at the Augsburg Regional Court had passed sentences. Now he himself became a case for the judiciary. During a house search, investigators found 4,000 child pornography documents. He now has to pay a fine for this.
A raid in May of this year had shown that possession and distribution of child pornography affects all classes and milieus. Now even an Augsburg judge has been convicted.

“The tip came from abroad.” Senior Public Prosecutor Thomas Goger of the Central Cybercrime Office of Bavaria in Bamberg told Bavarian Radio. Employees of the agency had been in charge of the investigation since May 2020.
A foreign authority had leaked to them information that the former judge had been registered on an Internet platform in the Darknet in 2019, which was exclusively about the distribution of child pornography content.

In June 2020, investigators had searched the official and private rooms of the 59-year-old. In his private documents they found extensive evidence, a total of more than 4,000 files, including mainly pictures, but also videos. IT forensic experts were among those used to analyze the documents. It turned out that the man had also obtained material from relevant criminal files to which he had access due to his former professional position.

After the investigation was completed, an application was filed with the Augsburg District Court in mid-June 2021 for the issuance of a penalty order, which became final at the beginning of July. Meanwhile, the 59-year-old asked to be released from his position as a judge. He made a confession and accepted the penalty order issued by Augsburg Local Court, thus escaping a public trial. The ex-judge has thus been sentenced to a total fine of 4,500 euros for possession of child pornography in six cases and for possession of child pornography.