Not only wood is hacked in Switzerland, ransomware paralyzes companies

After the Swiss comparison portal Comparis ( electricity price comparison, etc.) it has recently hit Matisa.
Matisa builds track-laying machines in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and is currently being severely affected by a ransomware attack.

On the company website of Matisa Matérial Industriel S.A. from Crissier VD, it says: “Matisa became a victim of a so-called Ransomware attack. As a result, some IT systems were blocked for security reasons. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused by this incident.”

The ransomware attack was perpetrated back on July 20. This refers to a cyber attack in which victims’ secret data is stolen and encrypted. A ransom is then demanded with the threat of publishing the data.

According to darknet research by the news portal Watson, the hacker group Grief is behind the attack. This group is also held responsible for the cyberattack on the online comparison service Comparis, which completely paralyzed the website for almost a week on July 8.

After the attack on Matisa, internal documents of the company had already been posted on the darknet. This is to increase the pressure on the ransom demand. It is not yet known whether Matisa has complied with this demand and exactly what data is affected.

The blackmailers are no strangers to cybercriminals. According to the Grief darknet site, they have already hacked the Greek city of Thessaloniki, the British hotel The Lensbury or, at the beginning of July, the IT systems of the eastern German district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

At Comparis, which was already attacked on July 7, everything is currently running normally again, although a ransom payment was categorically ruled out in the beginning, because Grief threatened to publish the data, which could have meant the end for a service like Comparis.

Which company will be next? The number of those who continue to protect their IT with outdated methods is unfortunately not getting any smaller, so there is still plenty for the hackers to do while the police continue to grope in the dark.