Drogenhandel in Deutschland nimmt zu

Drug-related crime in Germany has continued to increase. This is revealed by figures from the new situation report of the Federal Criminal Police Office. The number of cocaine-related offenses in particular is growing.

The number of drug trafficking cases in Germany increased by almost two percent last year. This was announced by the President of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Holger Münch. He emphasized that criminally organized groups are still active in the drug business. Their willingness to use violence is increasing, the BKA president said.

The trafficking of cocaine was particularly noticeable: the number of offences rose by almost ten percent. The so-called crystal – i.e. crystalline metamphetamine – is also being trafficked more frequently. Cannabis continues to be the most heavily trafficked drug.

According to BKA findings, however, trafficking in heroin is on the decline. Thus, the number of cases reported to the police decreased by just under five percent compared to 2019.By contrast, drug trafficking via the Internet has become firmly established, reports BKA President Münch. “We also include – in these new forms of distribution – trafficking via messenger services, via corresponding groups that are set up there.”

“The large number of users, the high availability of narcotics there, possibly also appeals to circles of people who previously had no points of contact with drug use, because perhaps their inhibition threshold was also too high,” Münch said. Overall, online trade has grown strongly as a result of the Corona pandemic. The buying and selling of drugs is increasingly taking place in the digital space. This is because, unlike other means of transport, postal and parcel delivery are not affected by the measures against Corona.