Harm reduction done right on dread.

this announcement was sent to us by dread mod Samwhiskey, who, together with like-minded people, is showing considerable commitment to harm reduction.
Harm reduction concerns us all and so we do not want to withhold his invitation from our readers.


Thanks to the efforts of /u/shakybeats we have teamed up with saferparty.ch to host an AMA (ask me anything) about their harm reduction and drug testing services.

On the 27th of July /d/harmreduction will be hosting an AMA with /u/saferpartych about their harm reduction and drug testing work. This will be a question and answer time so be prepared with your harm reduction questions.

The AMA will start at 16:00 Middle European Time so you'll have to do the time conversion to your own time zone. They will be available for 1-2 hours so plan accordingly, however questions and comments can be left after the time and revisited by /u/saferpartych.

Harm Reduction is something that is vital to what we do here. Most dread users are also drug users and a lot of content on dread is centered around that. Since most of us are part of the drug  using community we need to also be a part of the harm reduction community, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones and for the good of society.

Please plan to visit /d/harmreduction on July 27 at 16:00 MET and join the conversation!
"We are a Harm Reduction service from Zurich, which has been offering a drug checking service for 20 years and thus belong to the pioneers when it comes to drug checking. You can have substances tested in our office as well as during our mobile operations directly in clubs and at festivals. In addition, we operate a website (saferparty.ch, currently only in German) and offer counseling on substance use, both online and offline. We have recently become active on Dread and will be available to answer your questions regarding substance use and/or Drug Checking on July 27 from 4pm to 5pm MET. We look forward to your questions.

 Ask me anything!" - /u/saferpartych

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