Counterfeit money, drugs, a gun and a Handgrenade

On Friday morning, police in Karlsruhe arrested a man suspected of ordering fake 50-euro banknotes on the Internet. During an apartment search, investigators also found narcotics and several weapons, including a non-functional hand grenade. The Karlsruhe public prosecutor’s office obtained a warrant for the arrest of the 39-year-old suspect from the competent district court.

After the police became aware of a mailing containing more than 50 counterfeit banknotes addressed to the now accused man, his apartment in Schneidemühler Straße was searched on Friday morning. In the process, the officers also found around 20 grams of amphetamine, a blank pistol, a slingshot and several knives on the 39-year-old. The police officers had to pay special attention to a hand grenade, which they also found in the suspect’s apartment. After an initial expert examination, it was the casing of a real grenade, but it contained neither explosives nor an ignition device. Searchers found another 20 grams of amphetamine on a 42-year-old roommate. After completion of the criminal procedural measures, this man was released.

The arrested 39-Jährige is meanwhile urgently suspected of having ordered itself in the Darknet wrong banknotes. He was brought before a magistrate on Saturday at the request of the Karlsruhe public prosecutor’s office and subsequently remanded in custody.

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