Darksiders – Psychetopia

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what brings you here?

My name is Psychetopia. Sharing about myself is usually quite easy considering the name that I have chosen to vend under. “Psychetopia” – A true Psychedelic Topia, offering the most important chemicals in mind-exploring and reality altering senses. Looking at the shop, I currently offer:

LSD Vials – 110 Drops – 105mcg/Drop
95 mcg LSD Gummy Bears
500mcg LSD Gummy Worms
2C-B HBr – Tan/Very Pure

All of my LSD products came from GG. I bought some of his White Fluff Xtal and made me some Vials up. I knew that I needed these to be dosed and measured out very well. I took my time and only lost a few drops. I dosed my Gummies with this LSD too. Those came out very well and I give them plenty of time to sit before packaging them up.
As for the 2C-B that I offer, this batch is amazing. Very potent and a beautiful tan color. I have pictures posted. I made sure to test out a 10mg dose and then a 20mg dose. Defintily about as potent as it comes! I was very happy with it. I offer this in bulk!

This is my quest to help bring as many other to enlightenment as possible. It is also very important to me that we all have access to the substances of our wants and needs. Unfortunately, we live in a state of oppression. Rights are getting stripped right from under our feet. We are in possession of spiritual medicine and that’s why we decided to act!
This is not about money. This is about revolution.

Q: How did you get into vending and what is it like to be a reseller for Gamma Gobblin?

Getting into vending was inevitable for me. Throughout my whole life I have been experimenting with psychedelics. Never I felt “free” to talk about my experiences or to talk about what it has done for me. Only the dark online communities offered me the safe space to talk about my thoughts and ideas.
So, here I am, being part of this wonderful community that finally allows me to be free and myself.

Now, I want to make it clear that I am not an “Official GammaGoblin Reseller” yet but I am working to prove that I can be extremely trustworthy and also handle the load. Recently, I joined several new markets and customers stormed my shop and overwhelmed me with new orders. That was beautiful!
It would be an honor to become a part of “Pushing Taboo”. The LSD I vend is Gamma Gobblin’s product and I am an official handler.

Q: What do you love about psychedelics?

What I like most is the wide perspectives on the world and reality itself they can offer. They are not the stupid stereo-typical “see things for how they really are maaaaaaaan”, but at least give you a wider understanding of things. They are the microscopes and telescopes we can use to expand our mind. The thinking, that has to come from that, has to be done responsibly by the user.
The are great spiritual medicine for self-healing as well. I personally have recently been micro-dosing LSD and experimenting with doses and since then I noticed a much larger boost in productivity and motivation. Psychedelics need a better chance in this world. After the psychedelic revolution, when they are finally free and available for everyone, their true time to shine will come. Right now we have to do everything well hidden in the underground. I am here to try to help with that.

Of course that does not mean they are a “fix all” solution or even a cure. They are an important tool that we can use to map our minds and understand ourselves because many issues only become apparent when we look at them from different perspectives.

Q: When did you start vending and what was your first market?

I started vending back in late February or early March. The Kush has time in slow motion. My first market was White House Market. It was the most obvious choice to me as I value OPSEC greatly. The $1.000 vendor bond was well worth it as I get the most traffic there and I don’t have to cough cough cancel a bunch of orders due to Non-Encrypted addresses.
Then, later, as my experience grew, I became a vendor of Versus. Versus is a smaller market which brings a lot of high value bulk deals due to their multisig technology.

Q: Has the Darknet changed much since you arrived?

I have only been vending for 5 or 6 months but I do think that considering its the Darknet and everything is constantly shifting. It hasn’t changed much in that time. All of the Markets that I now vend on have been around that whole time and Dread has had some really good uptime compared to 1-2 years ago when they spent what seemed like weeks/months offline.

Q: Where do you think the Darknet is headed?

I have noticed that more markets are pushing for forced OPSEC. That is much needed. The Multi-Sig standard of Versus should be a must. Same with Pay-Per-Order and wallet-less Markets. I am now seeing Markets with “auto-withdrawal”. Good. I never keep coins in my wallets.

Q: Have you been the victim of scams so far?

Fortunately, I was careful enough not to become a victim to any scams so far. Nobody fucking try either! The typo of customers that I attract have been and will continue to be honest. There seems to be a war raging on between Trust and Distrust in the community. Scams are constantly happening and as far as I have seen, my customers are waging the Trustful side. I hope to keep it this way for a long time to come. All scammers will get reported and blacklisted right away anyways.

Q: Was it a struggle to start vending?

It wasn’t necessarily a “struggle”, but I did fall behind. One morning, when I woke up, I already had quite a few orders pending from the day before. My orders started to double and triple and that is why there was probably a 3-4 day wait for orders to go out. Sometimes there are minor issues with the orders, but I worked it all out with my customers. Everyone was made happy! So I would not say that I was struggling, just working hard to serve all my customers well.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years from now I can only hope to still be vending here with my fellow Vendors. Hopefully, by then I will have had a big impact on the community and a bunch of individuals directly or indirectly. I want to have made a difference not only on the Darknet but in this world in general. Hopefully by then Dread will still be here with millions of users and my SubDread with have thousands of subscribers. By then, I will have uploaded tons of content such as peoples trip reports, OPSEC tips, insane deals and tons more!

Q: Any last message for the reader?

All readers are welcome to message me to talk about their life situations. I am not only here to vend but to be part of this beautiful community. Let’s build a new free platform for Psychedelic information!

Big thanks and much appreciation to Pygmalion for adding some great content to the community. Before he gave me this great opportunity to share a bit about myself, I already loved his posts. Now I feel even more encouraged to act as a member of this community and I would love to see you all do the same!