Speed & Weed

Two Austrians from Salzburg, both 27, faced off Wednesday at the regional court before Judge Dagmar Schmidt with offenses under the Narcotics Act. The defendants were accused by prosecutor Elena Haslinger of having ordered almost a kilo of amphetamine (speed) from a dealer offering it via the Darknet in July 2020 in joint cooperation. Customs in Cologne became aware of the drug package and called in the Salzburg police – who then seized the “hot goods” during a house search in the apartment of the first defendant’s mother. In turn, the police found cannabis plants at the second defendant’s home – the yield of cannabis to be obtained from them was valued at 2.9 kilos. According to the prosecutor, the second defendant operated an outdoor plantation in Liefering and then took the harvested plants home.

The two men, the first defendant was also accused of two minor frauds, showed only partial confession. The second defendant claimed that he had nothing to do with the speed order. And with regard to the herbal cannabis, it was only an “accidental plant find” – the majority of the cannabis was also moldy.

The judge finally sentenced the first defendant to 15 months of conditional imprisonment and an unconditional fine of 720 euros, the second defendant received one year of conditional imprisonment and also a fine of 720 euros. The verdict is not yet final.