Trojan horse paralyzes district office

According to its own information, the district administration of Anhalt-Bitterfeld has probably become the target of a hacker attack. The control center for emergency services and the fire department was not affected. According to initial findings, it is an unknown Trojan horse.

The Trojan encrypts all data and programs and has thus paralyzed the technology in the district office, said a spokesman for the authority on Wednesday, confirming media reports. “When we booted up the computers on Tuesday morning, nothing worked, we no longer have access.”

According to the spokesman, the district office cannot provide any services to citizens for the time being due to a lack of technology, such as car registration. Affected are the locations Köthen, Zerbst and Bitterfeld, a total of about 800 employees. The district administration with its locations is closed until Friday for the time being. It is currently unclear when the damage will be repaired. With the help of experts, it is to be found out what is behind the Trojan and what consequences the technology failure has.