Sipulimarket seized

Finnish customs has seized the Sipulimarket web server and all its content.

Finnish Customs, in cooperation with foreign authorities, has seized the Sipulimarket web server that has been operating on the Tor network since 2019. Based on the information found in the preliminary investigation, Finnish Customs also seized Bitcoin.

Significant amounts of drugs and other illegal goods were sold through the darknet market. Sipulimarket was the only Finnish-language market on the Tor network after Silkkitie Market (Valhalla) was shut down by Finnish Customs in spring 2019.

During the preliminary investigation, Finnish Customs worked closely with Europol and authorities in other countries.

The preliminary investigation of the case is ongoing and no further information is provided by Finnish Customs or international cooperation bodies at this stage.

It is likely that the Finns, like their Swedish counterparts, will not only hold the traders accountable, but also the buyers.

The Scandinavian countries have been pursuing a zero-tolerance policy for not too long, which increasingly criminalizes consumers and seems to make no distinction between dealers and their customers.

The resulting increase in crime does not seem to prevent the authorities from continuing this harsh course.

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