“Der Deutsche” store busted, operator arrested

After a lengthy undercover investigation, an investigative group consisting of the OC department of the Hagen Police Department and officers from the Siegen, Olpe and Märkischer Kreis police departments, under the direction of the Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Hagen Public Prosecutor’s Office, achieved several successes against drug trafficking in the region.

On Tuesday, 11/24/20, investigators struck in Dortmund when a Slovenian truck arrived there with a drug shipment. The Serbian driver of the truck was arrested after handing over 7 large travel bags to the main suspect and an accomplice. The transferees of the bags and another suspect were arrested by special forces. The bags contained 57 kilograms of marijuana and 25 kilograms of hashish. This was followed by 14 searches in Olpe, Kirchhunden, Dortmund and Duisburg. The further searches led to the finding and seizure of one liter of amphetamine oil, 15 kilograms of a chemical for the production of amphetamine, 6 kilograms of marijuana and 67,000 EUR cash. The arrested persons, a 34-year-old Macedonian, a 36-year-old German of Turkish descent, a 26-year-old Turkish citizen and the 38-year-old Serb were brought before the Hagen District Court at the request of the public prosecutor. The judge ordered pre-trial detention.

The same investigation team achieved another success on 02.12.2020: a drug dealer from Hagen, who sold a wide variety of narcotics in different quantities and qualities via the Internet, was arrested and the Internet trade was stopped.

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The Internet dealer maintained a professional website that was modeled on a legal Internet store, except that the offer included drugs of all kinds from LSD to crystal meth, amphetamine, ecstasy tablets, cocaine, heroin and opiates. There were special offers and discounts for buying larger quantities. On the start page, the respective products could be selected under a “Shop” button. Here, under the tabs “Product overview” and “Product table”, one received an overview of the narcotics and additives offered with the respective prices and availability. After clicking on the individual products, a price table appeared and information on how often the respective product had already been sold. Online ratings/customer reviews for the respective product could also be seen on it.

Payment was made with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Monero. The order was then delivered between 7 and 10 days later by reputable parcel services. The operator vouched for the quality of the goods, packaging and delivery under a synonym on its website. Contact details were transmitted in encrypted form.

On Wednesday 02.12.20 special police units entered two apartments in Hagen and Wuppertal and arrested two main suspects. At the same time, investigators searched other apartments in Lüdenscheid, Schalksmühle, as well as other apartments in Hagen and Wuppertal. In Wuppertal, the “company rooms” of the mail-order company could finally be located and searched.

In the “company rooms” 2.1 kilograms of amphetamine paste, 1.2 kilograms of heroin, 6.1 kilograms of ecstasy, 1.1 kilograms of crystal meth, 1 kilogram of cocaine, 8.8 kilograms of amphetamine oil as well as 2.5 kilograms of Katma (additive for heroin) could be found and seized. Furthermore, the searches led to the discovery of the “IT department” of the illegal enterprise.

In other apartments searched, about 10 liters of chemicals and 5 kilograms of caffeine, as well as other paraphernalia for the production of synthetic narcotics, small amounts of amphetamine and LSD, and about 70 grams of marijuana were found and seized. Also the high-priced, before the house of the main crime suspect parked passenger car was seized.

An already in the apron issued warrant of arrest against the 38j?hrige Turkish main offender was set by the district court Hagen in execution. Two other arrested persons, a 32-year-old Syrian and a 33-year-old Montenegrin, were brought before the magistrate, who ordered them to be remanded in custody.

In connection with the investigation, a 31-year-old man of Turkish origin was finally arrested in Iserlohn-Letmathe on Thursday, 03.12.20, as well as a 28-year-old German of Turkish origin in Lüdenscheid. Against both had been previously issued on suspicion of trafficking in narcotics in not small quantities arrest warrants.

Source: Hagen Police, Press Office
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