Number of drug-related deaths rising across Europe

Sweden, UK and Finland leading the statistics

As we have heard from several countries, the number of drug-related deaths across Europe has been steadily increasing during the pandemic.
One of the reasons for this is the high purity of many drugs. Especially MDMA has a significantly high purity which leads to more deaths than before.
With opiates (morphine / heroin) and opioids (Xanax), however, the frequency of an admixture of fenbtanyl and its derivatives is alarmingly high.

The so-called “China White” has an effect up to a hundred times higher than morphine in its purest form and leads to overdose and death if not known.
Addiction counseling centers and street workers have long warned against China White, especially since it is unknowingly dosed much too high by addicts who expect a much lower effect, or is poorly distributed in counterfeit opioid tablets and also sold overdosed on the darknet.

Germanys numbers also rising

Death due to drug use is by no means an inevitable fate and would be avoidable in most cases with the right drug policies. Tolerating drug death as something unavoidable accordingly lacks any will to engage with scientific findings and the social reality of those affected. Not preventing drug-related deaths by implementing measures that have been proven to be effective is – to use the most polemical term possible – akin to murder. Not only are people in drug-related emergencies denied efficient help that would be self-evident in other emergency situations, but political decision-makers also seem to have little interest in overcoming this state of affairs as quickly as possible and based on many years of valid findings regarding harm reduction measures.

Harm reduction

How can the damage be mitigated?
In any case, it would be helpful if consumers were deliberately offered the possibility of drug checking, which would promptly reveal to them the content of the drugs they have acquired.
It may be great that everyone can send their samples to Energy-Control near Spain, but by the time the results are in, it is usually too late, because the consumer does not put his supply on ice until then.
Even offering quick drug tests is a rarity in the markets.
Here the markets are asked to act and vendors who offer rapid tests in a bundle should be preferred.

Darknet-Inside will approach the marketplaces in the next days and give thought-provoking impulses, as well as try to supportively cooperate that such possibilities are created or venders with rapid tests are especially highlighted to increase the motivation of other venders to do the same.

Harm reduction is everybody’s business, because every drug death is one too many.